30 mars 2009

One song

Dumpin' 2PAC [Chorus: Carl Thomas] Who you are, One Nation under a thug and bullet scar, Young nation, no revolution and no cause, One Nation, young, black and dangerous by far, Young nation just trying to get this Murderous mind state, can't keep my nine straight, Sippin' on this Hennessy, waiting for the time to break, Show up and muthafuckas bow down, recognize Westside, Death Row, Outlaw, Ridaz, Untouchable mob of pistol packers, Well-known felons labeled for 'drug-selling merciless jackers', Forever buzz, roll with... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2009


ISRAEL VIBRATION 'On the rock' MATTHEW MC ANUFF 'Be careful' SEU JORGE 'Mina do condominio' AFRICANDO 'Yaye boy' WAX TAILOR 'The man with no soul'  'Que sera'  'Positively inclined' [...] COCOROSIE 'Werewolf'  'Promise' [...] CHINESE MAN 'Washington square'  'Stank in the air' THE PARCYDE 'Pendemonium' THE POINTER SISTERS 'Send him back' BLACKSEED 'Slingshot' RADIOCITY feat BAJKA 'The hop' EKOUE 'Sous les pavés la rage' *_*     "Monte le son, tu... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2009

Playlist d'une "autiste" dans le métro...

"(toad) tain j'ecoutais un mp3(toad) et je trouvais qu'il y avait un sample trop bizarre en rythme(toad) j'ecoute mieux(toad) et je réalise que c'est ma mere(toad) au rez de chaussé qui rigole devant les bronzés".  Merci Toad. [> NB: L'usage de stupéfiants est puni par la loi française.]
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16 novembre 2008

Playlist - ou merci les copains de partager ^^

MY MISTAKES WERE MADE FOR YOU About as subtle as an earthquake, I knowMy mistakes were made for youAnd in the back room of a bad dream, she cameAnd whisked me away, enthusedAnd it's solid as a rock rolling down a hillThe fact is that it probably will hit somethingOn the hazardous terrainAnd were just following the flock, roundAnd the inbetween, before we smash to smithereensLike they were, and we scrambled from the grainAnd its the fame that put words in her mouthShe couldnt help, but spit em outInnocence and arrogance... [Lire la suite]
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25 octobre 2008

Festi'val de marne IIème

- Journée des Initiatives Musicales Indépendantes - CHEMEMPA - Absolute - Stanley Kubi - R-wan - AQME - La Phase .. et ¤Ez3kiel¤ forum.hardware.fr Fou... Hum...
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06 octobre 2008

.oO Saez dans la bulle Oo.

    <><  Jessie ><> She don't know She did a rideCause she is going back to hellYes she was Something to fix herFor a while To kill herselfTo feel aliveI don't know whyI don't know where to goI don't know when I'll see her againAnd I miss herBeautying messed upI, yeah I miss herBut I guess she is to win alright Jessie is so coolChasing the devilToo bad, she found GodShe don't know She did a rideCause she was going back to hellYes she wasShe said she wants to kill... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2008

* PLAY List *

¤ Widow Of A Living Man ¤ Mama why does he treat me so cold Why do I feel so oldhow long has he treated me unkind or have I always been so blindI'm the widow of a living man Why can't the times stay the same Now I am begging him to changeWhat about all the plans we made Now I am so afraidI'm the widow of a living man Why does he hurts me so I'm gonna need someplace to goHe's no longer some kind woman's son Mama I think that I had better runI'm the widow of a living man [Ben Harper] ¤ If I ¤ Hello dear people... [Lire la suite]
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30 juin 2008


"T'es belle" poisson.. T'es belle quand tu souris,T'es belle tout le temps,T'es belle même quand tu ris,Et qu'on voit tes dents.T'es belle quand tu rougis,T'es belle en toute circonstance,T'es belle même quand tu fais une blague pourrieEn plein dans un silence. T'es belle quand tu te trompes,T'es belle quand tu t'entêtes,T'es belle, je m'en rends compte, Même quand t'as l'air bête.T'es belle quand tu t'énerves,T'es belle sans te mentir,T'es belle même si, quand tu t'énerves, C'est pas le moment de te le dire. ... [Lire la suite]
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13 juin 2008


RADIOHEAD Bercy [fliker] “Ca va jonny ?”“Take it nice and easy up the front now. Don’t squash anyone”"Merci. Il fait très chaud"“Merci. Cool beans. Fucking hell man !” "This is from Kid A" "Take it easy""Ca va ?"20. Bangers’n Mash "You can get this song on the Internet""merci tout le monde" 23. Super Collider “You might know this song only if you’re on the internet. This is a new song. Une nouvelle chanson !”Vous êtes prets... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2008


J'ai trouvé deux chansons de Cannibales ... La scène sous la couette : The Seer's Tower SUJFAN STEVENS In the tower above the earthThere is a view that reaches farWhere we see the universeI see the fire, I see the endSeven miles above the earthThere is Emmanuel of mothersWith his sword, with his robeHe comes dividing man from brothersIn the tower above the earth, we built it for EmmanuelIn the powers of the earth, we wait until it rails and railsIn the tower above the earth, we built it for EmmanuelOh, my mother, she betrayed... [Lire la suite]
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